Kensington Skincare offers a full range of treatments for men to provide a complete spa and salon experience – from haircuts and shaves to facials and full body treatments and laser treatments designed for Gents.

Multiple facial technologies

Face Indicators

  • Superficial and deep wrinkles

  • Sun damaged skin

  • Small wrinkles

  • Acne and skin impurities

  • Enlarged pores

  • Rough and thickened skin

  • Hyperpigmentation marks

  • Acne scars

At Kensington Skincare our specialists have also designed an aesthetics treatment program for men using our advanced technology for non-surgical face and body treatments in addition to our laser hair removal and waxing services.

Our Facials:

  • Classic Mens Hydration Facial - 1hr from £64

  • High Performance Skin Energiser by ELEMIS
    Energises stressed, dehydrated skin with targeted circulation-boosting massage to revitalise and nourish - 1hr from £95

  • BIOTEC Super-Charger for Men by ELEMIS
    A triple hit of ultrasonic peeling, steam and galvanic current to reactivate tired skin’s dynamism.
    - 1 hr £110
    - 1hr 30 mins £160

Our treatments including male waxing and hair removal, specialist skin treatments, deep-tissue massage, laser nail fungal treatment. anicures and pedicures are also available.

Laser Fungal Nail Treatment:

  • One Foot - 40 mins £80

  • Both Feet - 1 hr 20 mins £140

 Manicures and pedicures are also available.

Our aim is to offer the highest standards of service in a relaxing and informal environment and we promise that you will leave looking and feeling great.


Men's Laser Hair Removal

£90 Chest (30mins)
£135 Chest & Abdomen (45mins)
£90 Shoulders & Upper Arms (30mins)
£150 Full Arms & Hands (1hr)
£99 Half Back (30mins)
£150 Full Back (30mins)

Buy 5 session and get 1 free

Full body Laser Offer
Unlimited Full Body for a year (non transferable) at only £1,600

Our Laser


The new Xlase Plus by Biotec is a versatile and technologically advanced platform that offers treatments for multiple applications and reliable results with minimal patient discomfort. At Kensington Skincare we use the 810nm Diode laser applicator and the Nd:YAG Applicator for Laser Hair Removal Treatments

All Laser Treatments include a free consultation and patch test by a trained specialist giving you peace of mind while allowing us to find the treatment that is exactly right for you and your individual needs.

Men's Upper Body Waxing

Neck Hot Wax - 20 mins £10
Abdomen Hot Wax - 20 mins £25
Back Hot Wax - 30 mins £30
Chest Hot Wax - 20 mins £30
Chest & Abdomen - 30 mins £40
Back & Shoulders - 30 mins £45

Men's Facial Hot Waxing
Middle of Brow - 15 mins £15
Nose - 15 mins £10

Laser Fungal Nail Treatment
One Foot - 40 mins £80
Both Feet  - 1 hr 20 mins £140



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