If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows are the frame. 

True beauty is wearing no make up and being 100% okay with it. The philosophy of ‘I woke up like this' is now common practice. Today’s Semi Permanent Make Up is yesterday’s face powder.

The Brow Boss

To be a brow boss and have the perfect frame for your unique face. 

Semi Permanent eyebrows are created by drawing lots of tiny hairs through an existing eyebrow, or if you’ve lost your eyebrows, along the line where the eyebrows should be. There are a range of colours to choose from to suit your face and colouring to flatter your face and achieve the look you want.

Whether you want darker, thicker or more event brows this treatment is for you. Emma works with people who have lost their eyebrows completely due to illness or treatment for illness and corrects dated and less than satisfactory work. Natural or statement looks are available to suit your look and face shape.

‘Placing’ brows in the correct shape to your face can help combat the signs of ageing giving the look of an eye lift for our older patients. 3D hair strokes are placed over the drawn, agreed shape giving the appearance of hair growth.

It takes 1.5 to 2 hours with complimentary tweak/top up four weeks later lasting approximately 1 hour. How long does it last? Each patient is different with an average of 18 months. We suggest your next appointment be one year later to maximise your treatment.

Combine this with one of the other two SPMU treatments on offer or LVL lashes to really ‘wake up like this’?

The Much Blush

More symmetrical lips, a fuller pout, your favourite lip gloss or colour matched to the lip blush or corrective work. Lip liner or full mouth blush.

Emma can accentuate your natural lip shape, put it back to how it once was or just enhance the lip outline with contouring. It can be natural or more defined. Your lip contour be re-defined, and the colour will be partially shaded into the lip, blending with either a soft and natural hue, or a more vivid made up' look depending on your choice.

Full Blush and Bashful

Emma will colour the whole mouth, accentuating definition and fullness and adding a touch of clear gloss.

It Takes 1.5 hours with complimentary tweak/top up four weeks later lasting approx. 1 hour. How Long does it last? Each patient is different with an average of 18 months. We suggest your next appointment be one year later to maximise your treatment.

The Eye Opening

The Perfect eyeliner every day. Eyeliner enhancement can be applied to upper and lower lid to create a natural looking wider eye look or the more dramatic look of expertly applied cosmetics. The application of the tattoo emphasises eyelashes making them look longer and fuller and eye colour ‘pops’ whether you’re wide awake or not.

It takes 1 to 1.5 hours with complimentary tweak/top up four weeks later lasting up to. 1 hour. How Long does it last? Each patient is different with an average of 18 months. We suggest your next appointment be one year later to maximise your treatment.

Combine with a Lash Lift or eyelash enhancement treatment to say goodbye to panda eyes, smudged makeup and clogged lashes

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FAQ with Emma Hendrick

What is SPMU? Semi permanent makeup. The term permanent makeup also referred to as SPMU, permanent cosmetics or micro pigmentation. All of this terms describe the art of Implanting pigment with a needle into the surface layers of your skin.

Who is this suitable for? For anyone wanting to enhance their natural beauty. Busy women or men who don't have time to apply make up every day.

Cancer patients or those suffering with alopecia

Active people wanting to look their best at all times such as swimming, running,biking, being mum, & those who don't want to worry about sweating or reapplying their makeup throughout the day especially brows!

The vision impaired who have difficulty applying their makeup, & others with motor impairments such as arthritis, Parkinson's disease, stroke survivors.

How do I choose color & shape?
During the consultation we work together, matching pigment to your skin tone & eye colour. The shape is matched to your facial features. With my 18 yrs in the industry I will know what works for you.

Does it hurt?
Everybody has different sensitivity levels, I have had clients fall asleep during procedure & other clients felt a little discomfort. I advise to avoid treatment during menstrual cycle.

Downtime? There is no downtime. Most clients returning to normal work, social activities without pause. However there is precautions in your aftercare you must follow.

Is it permanent? Yes, but it will fade overtime with natural shedding of the skin, & will fade if subjected to a lot of sun/sunbed exposure.

How long does it take? It's a two part procedure. 1st visit being 2hrs approx this includes consultation & 1st procedure. 2nd visit will be 1hr approx (4-6 wks later) this is to tweak & reinforce colour as they will fade a lot in between 1st initial visit.

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480.00£ Eyebrows
480.00£ Lip Blush                             350.00£ Lip Liner Top
180.00£  Bottom Eyeliner
450.00£ Top &Bottom Liner

180.00£  Colour boost and top ups (recommended every 12/18 months)

Correction work                                    (price given on free consultation)

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Emma is super professional but at the same time you just feel like you’re having a gossip with a mate. 
She’s thorough and takes her time you feel absolutely comfortable and in safe hands. Her years of experience put you at ease. As for the results JUST SO GOOD. I am delighted and will 100% go back when I need redoing! 

 - Laura Lautrete on facebook

“Emma has done my eyebrows for about 6 years, first HD brow and now Semi permanent. Emma is an absolute professional and the best in the business I wouldn't go anywhere else.”

Michelle Kinsella on facebook

"Emma is an absolute professional and a pleasure to visit.
I travel from Dubai as there is nobody else I would trust with my eyebrows.
I am not the easiest of client. I have a low pain threshold and my illnesses mean I require a lot more patience and more time than most. However Emma does everything she can to put me at ease and make the entire appointment pleasurable.
I am always delighted with my results. My friends in Dubai are always in awe of her artistry and we hope, one day, she will venture her business to the UAE.
Thank you Emma for all you do and who you are."

- Sarah Corell on facebook


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Emma Hendrick

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