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We use the highest quality technique and quality hot and warm waxes to minimize discomfort and re-growth. We specialize in all types of waxing including Brazilian and Hollywood. We also offer Electrolysis as a longer term hair removal solution.

Our beauty salon and day spa in Chelsea, London specialises in peel-off strip hot waxing for women and men. Choose from strawberry, pearl blue and olive oil fine hot waxes. All treatments are finished with an application of hair growth retardant serum and in-grown hair inhibitor cream. We use only one spatula per wax application, insist on the highest higenie standards and our treatment includes waxing after-care advice to help you prevent any infections, burns and in-grwon hair. At our Kensington Skin Care beauty salon our therapists’ job is to remove hair in the most quick, gentle and painless way possible to help you and your skin look and feel great immediately after your waxing.

Preparing for Waxing
You should not use any cosmetics or lotions on the area before waxing. If you have it would be advisable to have a shower or wash it off before your waxing session. You should also not use any other form of hair removal in the week prior to your waxing treatment.

We always wear gloves and additionally wash our gloves with antiseptic. We also make sure we thoroughly clean your skin with antiseptic before any waxing treatment and never re-dip our disposable spatulas in the wax to avoid any risk of infection.
You will be provided disposable underwear for each intimate waxing.

Waxing After Care
After your first treatment we will advise you how to maintain the treated area. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes to avoid any irritation as waxed areas tend to be sensitive after hair removal. You should also avoid too much heat or exposure to UV (i.e. no sunbathing or tanning) and using any cosmetics, chemicals or fragrances on the area for 24 hours after waxing.

A Few Useful Waxing Tips:

  • Avoid hot baths or hot showers within 24 hours before and after waxing

  • Avoid direct sun exposure within 24 hours before and after waxing

  • Wax all areas at least 24 hours before self-tan application

Collin Propil – Post Waxing Treatment
All waxing and hair removal treatments can be complemented with an additional Propil treatment. Propil is a post hair removal serum and cream developed by Collin and available as salon treatment or home care. The objective is to delay hair re-growth and make hair weaker. Propil should help decrease the frequency of waxing sessions and give you impeccable skin.



Intimate Waxing

We offer a full range of intimate waxing for women from the simple bikini line or extended bikini wax to the more exotic Brazilian and the full Hollywood waxing.

Hollywood & Brazilian
Legs, underarm and eyebrow waxing is a routine treatment for most women and still one of the most popular and efficient forms of hair removal with other methods such as threading and IPL. Nowadays however many women are more adventurous and regularly have more intimate parts of their body waxed. For this kind of hair removal waxing is still the easiest way to get the hair free feeling in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

Waxing and hair removal in general can be a sensitive subject and a daunting experience if your therapist is not up to the task. It is even more the case for intimate waxing, Brazilians and Hollywood. You therefore want to be sure you are in the hands of a specialist who will make your hair removal experience as quick and painless as possible.

At our Kensington Skin Care beauty salons in Hollywood Road we are specialised in providing quick and painless waxing with our unique professional technique using hot or warm wax. Before your first waxing we will always start with a consultation at our salon to identify any contra-indications to waxing or to certain types of wax or techniques. We encourage you to inform us of any potential counter indication you may be aware of (see list of counter indications to waxing below).

Hot wax is usually the best choice for Hollywood and Brazilian waxing as it is more efficient at pulling the hair out, especially if the hair is dense and it is usually less painful and less sticky on the skin than cool or warm wax.

Note that we currently don’t offer intimate waxing for men at our salon in Chelsea. Kensington Skin Care does however provide back, neck and shoulder waxing as well as arm and leg waxing for men.

Special Offer:
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Ayurvedic Waxing Treatments

Our professional ayurvedic waxing techniques combined with the appropriate skin care treatments is also ideal to prevent any ingrown hair that can result from the use of substandard waxes or waxing techniques

Facial Hot Waxing
£10 Chin (10mins) 
£10 Upper lip (10mins) 
£15 Chin and Upper lip (20mins) 
£15 Sides of Face (20mins) 
£45 Full Fac (25mins) 

Body Waxing - our limited offer
£15 Underarm Hot Waxing (20mins) 
£20 Half Arm Wax (20mins) 
£30 Full Arm (20mins) 
£25 Lower Leg (20mins) 
£30 Upper Leg (30mins)
£40 Full Leg (40mins) 

Intimate Hot Waxing - our limited offer
£25 Bikini Line Wax (20mins)
£30 Extended Bikini line (25mins)
£40 Brazilian Wax (30mins) 
£40 Hollywood Wax (20 mins)

Bikini Line & Full Leg Wax
1 hr from £50

Hollywood & Leg Wax
1 hr 10 mins from £70

Brazilian & Leg Wax
1 hr 10 mins from £70

Intimate Waxing Styles:

Bikini line waxing consists in removing any hair which would be beyond the imaginary line that would be covered by a swimsuit.

Extended bikini waxing consists in removing more hair than the standard bikini line thus reducing the size of the triangle of pubic hair that remains.

Brazilian waxing removes all the hair from the pubic area leaving only a thin strip of hair.

Hollywood waxing removes  all hair from the intimate areas including the pubic and anal areas.

Las Vegas waxing is a Brazilian wax to which a crystal decoration is added.

Californian waxing is a Brazilian waxing where the remaining pubic hair is coloured.

Of course variations of the above are possible. For example we can give the pubic hair a distinctive shape such as a heart shape.




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Acne and Microdermabrasion

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